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USS Midway

Sebastien scored 2 free tickets to one of San Diego’s most visited museums, the USS Midway.  So, we packed up the car and headed south for an early afternoon adventure.

Palm Springs

After our visit in the Midwest, we were eager to return to the San Diego area and settle back into “normalcy”.  Within a few weeks we had an apartment, our belongings out of storage, and I had a… Read More

60th Birthday party Michigan style

This one is all for my Dad!  We went up to Michigan for my Dad’s 60th birthday and to celebrate 4th of July.  Sebastien and I entertained my dad by showing him Google Earth and he gave Sebastien… Read More


Beecher, Illinois is where we found ourselves after France.  We spent about a month visiting family and friends in the area and took a few visits into Chicago and Michigan.  The highlights included spending time with my adorable… Read More

Good Times in LA

We flew into Los Angeles on April 27th.  Sebastien was there long enough to buy an IPAD and then boarded another flight to France.  I wanted to spend some time with my girl Alison but will fly out,… Read More

From Arizona to Australia: The Beginning of Our Trip

On November 1st, we arrived at my mom’s friend Jan’s house.  That evening we went out to dinner in Gilbert and enjoyed some creme brulee.  Ummm.  The next day, Sebastien did some work and I ran errands.  Mitch… Read More

One more day till we leave the puffin nest

Sebastien and I have decided to start driving to Arizona on Saturday.  That is tomorrow!  We got rid of the mattress and the bike was sold.  We have started to move stuff into the BigBoxes and the packing… Read More

One Week till Take Off

Today is October 27, 2009.  It is Carina Espinoza’s birthday and we tried to meet up to surf today but there were no waves and it was really windy!  So, I returned home and started packing.  There are… Read More

Will You Marry Me?

On October 5th, Sebastien popped the big question!  He had texted me earlier that day saying that he was craving sushi and wanted to go to our usual sushi place (Umi Sushi).  This was not unusual so when… Read More

Tammy’s Wedding in San Fran

We went up to San Francisco a couple of weekends ago (September 26th, 2009) to attend one of  my dear friend Tammy’s wedding.  Tammy is one of those individuals who you just want to do anything for!  She… Read More