One Week till Take Off

Today is October 27, 2009.  It is Carina Espinoza’s birthday and we tried to meet up to surf today but there were no waves and it was really windy!  So, I returned home and started packing.  There are boxes everywhere and everything is dirty and unorganized.  The BigBox storage units are here and I am eager to begin our adventure.

We had a yard sale this past weekend.  We really needed to sell the motorcycle and the California King bed and a ton of other stuff.   We did pretty good on the little stuff but didn’t sell the bike or the bed.  I think that we are going to take the bed to Good Will.  Here are some pictures of the festivities.

One month in October 2009 012

A few more days till we leave for Arizona to drop off my car.  November 3rd we will be on our way to Brisbane, Australia.