Will You Marry Me?

On October 5th, Sebastien popped the big question!  He had texted me earlier that day saying that he was craving sushi and wanted to go to our usual sushi place (Umi Sushi).  This was not unusual so when I got home from work we went to have dinner.

When we returned from dinner I laid down on the couch and was playing with my iPod Touch.  While I was doing my brain exercises Sebastien came up behind me and was petting my head.  Again, not unusual.

But then he came and kinda sat down on the floor next to me and said, “I lied to you today.  I wasn’t craving sushi I wanted to go celebrate.”  He then proceed to get down on one knee and I really couldn’t tell you what he said next because I was waving my hands and giggling with excitement.   Of course I said, “YES!!!”.

Sebastien picked out the most perfect ring for me!  It is a band style ring with three rows of diamonds laying flat.  I love it!  We had it sized the next day and now it will not come off when I surf!

The first person we called was my GiaGia (Greek for grandmother) and she was very excited!  My mom and George were coming out on Friday for my birthday so we decided to wait till then to tell them.  Sebastien had told his family a few days earlier and I emailed his mom (thank you google translate) about my excitement.

As of today we have 17 more days before we depart for our puffin trip which we are now calling our honeymoon (before we get married).  We haven’t yet decided if we are going to get married while on our trip or here in San Diego.  Everyone is very excited for us as are we!

Any wedding ideas, places, advise is appreciated!


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