One of our first pictures taken.  2008

8 years later in Los Cerritos, MX on our 5th wedding anniversary adventure.  

Who are these Puffins?

A group of puffins is called a gathering. So how did this family of puffins gather?

Just like a real-life puffin family, Tina, Sebastien, Chloé, and Luca travel across the sea seeking adventure and a good break.

Mama (Tina) and Papa (Sebastien) Puffin met through match.com in 2008 (yes, online romance can be the real deal!). Their love for travel and surfing made for an instant connection. The first adventure they pursued started in late October, 2009. In an experience lasting over 9 months, they visited AustraliaNew ZealandBaliThailandLaosCambodia, and Vietnam. This blog was created to communicate with their family and capture the puffin’s experience.

Shortly after returning to California in 2010, they bought a house, had a dream beach wedding, and popped out two little pufflings making their gathering complete.  They nestled happily into the routine of work, family and friends, but the pull for adventure still lingered.

Tina hails from the Windy City of Chicago and enjoys a good laugh almost as much as catching a good wave. Sebastien is a true Frenchmen who recommends a glass of wine for just about any ailment. Four year old Chloé is larger than life and may very well be the next President of the US (or at least of her future sorority). Little Luca is the Bob Marley of the family, and his calm presence keeps this fun flock grounded. Together, the Puffins bring a certain je ne sais quoi to blogging and travel.

In 2015, the allure of a life abroad began to become a plausible reality.  Sebastien always wished for his children to experience the French life style and to spend time with his family.  Tina, ready for a break from a work, was easy to persuade.  They decided that in the fall of 2017, they would set off on their next puffin adventure.

In true puffin fashion, much planing will need to occur for this adventure to go smoothly.  Tina has some work to do if she plans to be able to communicate with her neighbors while the puffins will be transitioning to new schools. The whole family will be adjusting to culture, climate, and country life. It’s sure to be a bit wild, a bit silly, and a whole lot of fun!

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