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Vang Vieng

Random Shots from Vang Vieng

For the next few days I am going to blindly choose random pictures from our travels and explain a little about them.  Today I selected from my Vang Vieng files.  Enjoy.


Quality of this pictures is not good but the memories are.  Here we have Sebastien and I with our Canadian twins Scott and Chantal.  I am sure a Friends episode was playing in the background.

IMG_4131This is a pictures from a village we walked through during our kayaking trip.  Throughout Vang Vieng one could see  a lot of new development.  Schools, houses, temples.  Here they are making bamboo roofs for the new homes in that village.


View from my hotel balcony.

tina 096

On our kayaking tour we also tubed through a cave.  If you look past the tubs you can see the opening.  There were large dome rooms and glow worms through out the cave.  It was a cool experience but the water was very cold.

tina 083

Elephants are sacred beings in Buddhist/Hindu culture.  This cave is called elephant cave for  obvious reasons.

tina 073

Good times in Vang Vieng.

Elephant Crossing hotel review in Vang Vieng

I don’t usually write about the places we stay but I was determined to do so about the  Elephant Crossing Hotel.  This was a hotel that Sebastien had found on line which looked nice.  Before arriving in Vang Vieng he booked three nights at $50 a night.

After seeing what other hotels had to offer I felt ripped off and cheated by Elephant Crossing.  Yes, it is a nice hotel but for $50 it was WAY over priced.  On top of that we were given a room with two beds when we had requested one bed AND we were told we would have to change rooms the last night.  When I was checking out I also over heard another guest being told they had to change rooms as well.  The hotel is also outside the town center which was  inconvenient for me when I was walking back at night.   A positive was that it was right on the river and did provide amazing views but only for the rooms that faced the river.  Our second rooms had not view and had ugly decor.

After three days at this hotel I moved to one that was closer to town.  It was clean, had just as an amazing view, and was $10.  Yes, $10…

Several other people I had meet stayed in nice hotels that were between $10-25 and were also very nice.

Life in Vang Vieng Laos

Anyone traveling through Southeast Asia will undoubtedly hear about Vang Vieng. The stories start off with a lot of enthusiasm and end with loud laughs.  The most common after thought is, “you got to go tubing in Vang Vieng”.

I second this after spending a week there.  Once in Lao,  Sebastien had decided to head back to Cambodia and did so as soon after meet up with Scottie and Chantal.  This was the same couple we had meet in Phi Phi.  Since we had meet them we were planning to meet up in VV so it was disappointing that Sebastien was going to ditch the experience.  However, I was not and for the next 5 days had a ridiciouly ridiculously fun time in this small Lao town.

Here are some of the reasons why Vang Vieng is so much fun.

The town is small and there are a plethora of friendly fellow travelers.  It is easy to find cheap accommodations (I paid $10) that includes a clean room, AC, hot shower, and amazing views of the river and mountains.  The streets are filled with smiling friendly locals all willing to hand you their child to play with.  Little children playing with each other in the street and coming up to grabbing your leg and smile up at you.  Street vendors selling amazing baggette sandwiches for pennies.  And of course there is the tubing.  (more…)