Random Shots from Vang Vieng

For the next few days I am going to blindly choose random pictures from our travels and explain a little about them.  Today I selected from my Vang Vieng files.  Enjoy.


Quality of this pictures is not good but the memories are.  Here we have Sebastien and I with our Canadian twins Scott and Chantal.  I am sure a Friends episode was playing in the background.

IMG_4131This is a pictures from a village we walked through during our kayaking trip.  Throughout Vang Vieng one could see  a lot of new development.  Schools, houses, temples.  Here they are making bamboo roofs for the new homes in that village.


View from my hotel balcony.

tina 096

On our kayaking tour we also tubed through a cave.  If you look past the tubs you can see the opening.  There were large dome rooms and glow worms through out the cave.  It was a cool experience but the water was very cold.

tina 083

Elephants are sacred beings in Buddhist/Hindu culture.  This cave is called elephant cave for  obvious reasons.

tina 073

Good times in Vang Vieng.