Elephant Crossing hotel review in Vang Vieng

I don’t usually write about the places we stay but I was determined to do so about the  Elephant Crossing Hotel.  This was a hotel that Sebastien had found on line which looked nice.  Before arriving in Vang Vieng he booked three nights at $50 a night.

After seeing what other hotels had to offer I felt ripped off and cheated by Elephant Crossing.  Yes, it is a nice hotel but for $50 it was WAY over priced.  On top of that we were given a room with two beds when we had requested one bed AND we were told we would have to change rooms the last night.  When I was checking out I also over heard another guest being told they had to change rooms as well.  The hotel is also outside the town center which was  inconvenient for me when I was walking back at night.   A positive was that it was right on the river and did provide amazing views but only for the rooms that faced the river.  Our second rooms had not view and had ugly decor.

After three days at this hotel I moved to one that was closer to town.  It was clean, had just as an amazing view, and was $10.  Yes, $10…

Several other people I had meet stayed in nice hotels that were between $10-25 and were also very nice.