Got my mind on my money and money on my mind

I believe that is the right line, thanks to Bone Thugs n Harmony. Anyone remember riding around in a Camaro back in High School. Yes, I will be celebrating my 20 year reunion this year.

But this short post is not about reminiscing or rapping. It is about making money. On the list of priorities, this is number one for me. Mainly because I need to start applying my craft now for it to be lucrative enough to live off of by Fall 2017.

One of the idea’s I have been pondering, is to venture into the world of on-line therapy.  In researching this as an option, I came across TalkSpace.  It seems to be more geared to text messaging therapy.  I am intrieged however, it would be a little challenging to respond to client’s considering the time zone difference.


Another option would be to start one of those creepy box opening youtube station.   The ones kids are obsessed with.  Again, it is all about easy, convenient and practical.


Feel free to chime in..