Tammy’s Wedding in San Fran

We went up to San Francisco a couple of weekends ago (September 26th, 2009) to attend one of  my dear friend Tammy’s wedding.  Tammy is one of those individuals who you just want to do anything for!  She is incredibly selfless, loving, patient, and a great friend!  Seb and I flew up the day of the wedding and stayed at the Bayside Inn near the Wharf.  We don’t recommend room #2!  Room 7 was nice though.

Carina, Alberto and the lovely Amy picked us up from our hotel and we drove over the Golden Gate bridge to Saulsalitos.  This is an adorable little town that you get to through several very winding roads.  Tammy and Ralph were married in this BEAUTIFUL church!  The whole church was made out of this dark wood.  It had a very intimate feel to it!  She looked beautiful and Ralph looked happy and very relaxed.

SanFran Tammy's wedding 019

SanFran Tammy's wedding 016

After the wedding we were shuttled to the reception which was at a restaurant right on the water facing San Francisco.  It was a very beautiful setting.  Carina, Amy, and I greeted guests at the reception and helped them to their seat.  All the tables were labeled with San Diego beach names.  The theme was beachy and yellow.  Very simple, elegant and romantic!

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Sebastien and I had a lot of fun!  My favorite part was watching Sebastien catch the garter!  You all know what that means!!!  We loved being part of that day and look forward to hearing all about the honeymoon!!

The next day we were exhausted but we didn’t fly out till 6 pm.  Of course we had to be out of the room around 12 and for some reason we couldn’t sleep in.  The story of my life lately.  So we got up, dealt with some bathroom/shower issues, and walked around San Francisco.  However, we were so tired that we ended up heading to the public library and taking a nap.  Yea… Just like the homeless people do.

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