$2,000 Worth of Shots For A Year Long Trip

Two more months!!!  Yesterday, Sebastien and I visited the Travel Clinic for an expensive appointment in which we received a plethora of information about the diseases we could encounter while on our trip.   At some point Sebastien said that “maybe we won’t be traveling for that long” because the doctor kept recommending more stuff based on the length of the time we were going to spend in certain places.  For example, if you are going to spend two or more weeks in India you should probably get an adult polio and menigococcal vaccination.

Sebastien ended up getting 6 shots and I got 4 shots.  We both got polio, meningococcal, twinrix ( Hepatitis A and B), and typhoid.  Sebastien also got TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) and a flu shot.  I didn’t get those because I couldn’t handle two more shots and I had received a tetanus shot a while back.  The most painful one was the shot for typhoid.  It was the last one that they gave me and I could feel it go in.  Both of us hurt today especially where they gave us the typhoid shot.  Yuck!  I know Merry Beth’s butt is tingling just reading this.  I actually took two anti- anxiety pills before the shots and I think that they only helped me from not passing out.

We have to go and get two more shots for the twinrix.  One in 7 days and another in 21 days.  I also have to go and get the flu and I should probably get the TDAP.  We hope that the H1 vaccine comes out before we leave so that we could get that as well.  But the shots were not all that the doctor prescribed..  He also gave us ciprofloxacin (which is for crazy infections) and doxycycine (which is for malaria).  All and all we both spent about $2,000.  Yes.  $2,000.  So any donations to our cause is appreciated!

3 Comments on “$2,000 Worth of Shots For A Year Long Trip

  1. WHAT?! Why so many shots? Its not like you are going to Somolia or something. Shoot I’m opening a travel clinic cause clearly they are making some $$! That seems really ridiculous!

  2. Hello Sandeep,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Unfortunately we’re not sure anymore we’re gonna make it to India. That might have to wait for another trip.