One more day till we leave the puffin nest

Sebastien and I have decided to start driving to Arizona on Saturday.  That is tomorrow!  We got rid of the mattress and the bike was sold.  We have started to move stuff into the BigBoxes and the packing is almost organized.

Last night, we slept on the full bed.  Transitioning from the California king to a full bed wasn’t that bad but I will miss the luxury of sprawling out when I sleep.  There is going to be a lot of spooning from here on out.

It is finally hitting me.  I had dinner with my friend Judith last night and there were moments when I became very present that I will not see her for a long time.  I am going to meet up with Carina and, hopefully, Tammy today to also say “good bye”.  All this is making it much more real!

Sebastien has also been making comments about leaving his comforts.  This has been a very comfortable house for us.  Now that we are leaving tomorrow I am realizing how wonderful this puffin nest was for our first place together.  Where we got engaged.  When we return to San Diego we will live up in North County so this is also the end of my time in OB.

One month in October 2009 002

This is a picture from Guy’s house taken about a week or so ago.  Guy, Megan, and Pepa had a gathering of sorts to celebrate our engagement and to say “bye”.  I tried to find a picture of our puffin nest but it was not on the mini computer.  Which is what I am operating on now that I sold my other computer.  Lots of minimizing going on in our lives at the moment.

I am really going to try hard to post often.  My guess is that it maybe hard since now Sebastien and I will be sharing this computer.

One Comment on “One more day till we leave the puffin nest

  1. You’re already missed! Hope you traveled safely across the Earth!! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures! Ciao!!