60th Birthday party Michigan style

60th Birthday party Michigan style

This one is all for my Dad!  We went up to Michigan for my Dad’s 60th birthday and to celebrate 4th of July.  Sebastien and I entertained my dad by showing him Google Earth and he gave Sebastien a few golf lessons.

Over the past 5 or 6 years my dad has redone the Wolf Lake cottage and it is now Randee and dad’s permanent address.  It’s an amazingly comfortable place with quiet views onto Wolf Lake.  The inside there are two bedrooms, one being a bunk bed room where 5 people could sleep, and two bathrooms along with a huge living room and great size kitchen.  In back, however the Michiganers call it the front, there is a good size screened in porch and a deck.  It is all done up in a log cabin feel with hunting decor.  We slept up in the my dad’s office which is above the garage.

We were lucky to be entertained by Randee’s adorable grand kids, Daniel and Paige.   Daniel, 9, just thought Sebastien and I were weird the whole time.  Grandma was also visiting so it was great to spend some time with her as well.  We played a few card games but I quite because she kept cheating.

On Dad’s birthday my cousin Jeremy came by with his son lil’jeremy and aunt Lorna brought Derek’s son’s over, Grant and Westin.  Grant was a riot!  We played pirates, arrrr mate!  It was fun to be surrounded by young kids running around!  The next generation!

Happy Birthday Dad!!



Meredith doesn’t go anywhere with out her Lars.  He is a great dog and loves to cuddle.  However, he bit Sebastien which we will all never hear the end of.


Aunt Lorna and Dad!  I love all my aunts but I have spent the most time with aunt Lorna which makes her my favorite.


Loved the cake!  It is a guy fishing with a beach and trees!  Very fitting for my dad!  Nice job Randee!!!


Lil’ Jer— Very cute and beautiful blue eyes!!  It was fun to see all the kids (boys, boys, and more boys) it is going to be fun to watch them grow up!!!


Pizza night!!!  This was a lot of fun!!  We made our own (two person) pizza!  There were a lot of laughs!  Of course Paige and Daniel thought we were just weird.


Here is my naked pirate Grant…. LOVE HIM!  He was all smiles and giggles!  What a great age!!!


Meredith and Grant’s little brother Westin!  So cute!  They both look a lot like Derek!


Were we found Sebastien most of the time.  Always double fisted with technology.  He is a very dedicated blogger!

We had a great time up in Michigan and hope to make it a yearly tradition.