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New Years in Byron Bay

Happy 2010! Last night was New Years in Australia.  Sebastien and I had a nice dinner at Clare’s house, whom we have been house sitting for since the 27th, and went down to Byron Bay to see how… Read More

Two Kangaroos Standing Next to Us

I don’t know if you can tell by these crappy shots taken with my iPhone, but there are 2 kangaroos litterally 2 feet away from us. See and download the full gallery on posterous

Christmas in New South Whales, Australia

What a wonderful Christmas to be on a warm sunny beach with your loved one.  Today is Christmas in Australia and we are staying in a camper van (Backpacker) in Emerald Beach Holiday Park, NSW, Australia. We are… Read More

Visit at the Koala Hospital

This morning we went for a quick visit at the koala hospital of Port Macquerie. We had seen koalas in the wild before but we never got to get so close to them. Most of these guys have… Read More

Hiking and Resting in the Blue Mountains

These are pictures from the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia. We hiked around until the rain came up and completely soaked us. We had to go back to our hotel and enjoy some well-deserved time in the hot tub… Read More

There Are Worse Views To Wake Up To

That’s the view from our hotel room in Eden, NSW. It’s gorgeous out today. Too bad we’re gonna be spending the day driving.

Beautiful Sunset On Eden Wharf

After a lovely dinner with my beautiful fiancée, we watched the sun go down from Eden’s wharf, one of our many stops on the way to Sydney.

Paradise Beach Really Deserves Its Name

This is Paradise Beach, along the Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria. Absolutely beautiful! And not a single person 10 miles around… I’d love to see this wave when there is a swell coming!

Warning! Kangaroos Crossing

To each country its funny road signs. In California, we have the “surfers crossing” and “illegal immigrants crossing” signs. In Australia they have this kangaroo sign. We’ve seen a bunch of them dead in the aide of the… Read More

Braving The Red Alert In The Grampians

Today was a hot day in the Grampians. I mean, it was a really HOT day. It was 41 Celsius degrees, which is 104 degrees Fahrenheit! A bit of heat is certainly not gonna stop us. We are… Read More