New Years in Byron Bay

Happy 2010!

Last night was New Years in Australia.  Sebastien and I had a nice dinner at Clare’s house, whom we have been house sitting for since the 27th, and went down to Byron Bay to see how they celebrate New Years in Australia.

In Byron they had several roads closed for the festivities.  There were booths set up where you could get a temporary tattoo, jewelry, and/or food and they had small circus rides and all this under the mystical blue moon.  Most of the people were between 15-30 years old (make that 31).  A lot of fancy dressed giggling girls and funny haircut sounding boys trying to impress one another.  Around midnight hundreds of people gathered on the beach and watched fireworks.  I thought it was brilliant.

So many things made this New Years special.  Beginning our traveling adventure, experiencing  Australia, enjoying Sebastien’s company, being engaged and feeling more connected to life.  I look forward to what 2010 brings!

I will post some pictures soon!  Much love and Happy New Years.