Kuta, Bali

We made it and are loving Bali.  We spent a whole day traveling around Australia but finally got to Bali at about midnight on January 6th.  After picking up our bags we took a taxi to our hotel in Kuta.  The taxi service at the airport is very organized.  You walk up to a counter and tell them where you are going and there is a flat fee.  It is a good system.

Sebastien had found our hotel on Expedia and though it was more than we were expecting to pay I was very impressed.  The hotel is called Kuta Seaview Resort.  It was right on the water and had a nice pool and breakfast.  We stayed there for two nights and then looked for a cheaper place.  We found Suji Cottages which is off the beaten track a ways but much cheaper.

We have been receiving massages everyday!  That is by far the way to live!  Inexpensive and just as good as the ones I get in the states.  The first day we got 90 minute massage at the hotel and it was only 17 US dollars.  Ridiculous!  Other than getting massage and eating great Indonesian food I have been reading a wonderful book called Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is her book following Eat, Love, Pray.  It is perfect because it is all about her traveling around southeast Asia right before she gets married.

One of the days we also surfed.  The water is about 80 degrees but there is a lot of debris and garbage floating around.

We are taking a shuttle to Ulu Watu tomorrow.   Sorry I can’t upload pictures which is a real drag because my memory card is full.

Lots of love to everyone who has sent us comments!  I miss my girlfriends very much and have had to strike up conversations with randoms to fill in the void.  But all is well and Sebatien and I are doing great!  Look forward to more adventures with my puffin!

5 Comments on “Kuta, Bali

  1. Try to make a trip to lombok mam.. Near from bali. 🙂

  2. Love your posts! We miss you esp. our daily phone conversations… but we love Skyping with you!!! Glad you are having such a great adventure! Love to Seb, too xoxo