Living the puffin life in Bali

Here are some pictures of our first week in Bali.  We have been staying in a hotel called Kinds Villa Bintang on the beach near Nusa Dua.  Nusa Dua is known to have many nice resorts.  The first day we went looking for waves and walked through the Hilton resort.  It was huge and seemed like its own town.  It had these beautiful little lagoon pools with slides into them which were great for families.  There was a left hand break out to the right of the Hilton.  There were only a few people out but it also looked only about 3 feet high.  The other surf spot in Nusa Dua was in front of club med but you had to park near the art market.  Oh and Seb and I have been traveling around on a motor bike that we rented for 6 dollars a day.

Picture 003

Here I am at the hotel, Sandat Mas, in Ulu Watu.  Ulu Watu is mostly cliff and on these cliffs there are a few very unique hotels.  We went into one of these hotels to have a look and saw why people would stay in any of the remote hotels on this steep cliff.  The view.

blue mountains 006

blue mountains 004

These two pictures are at the Ulu Watu Temple.  The monkey’s there create an ancient vibe but you have to be careful because they will steal anything they can.  The first one I saw was when I was walking along side that wall and it popped out and ran up to the ledge.  When I lifted my head I them scattered on the walls.  Very creepy!

blue mountains 017

Here is Sebby getting one of his daily massages.  On this particular day he had one two hour session and then a one hour massage by the pool.

For the next week we will be staying at Langon Hotel.  It is incredible with amazing hospitality!