Christmas in New South Whales, Australia

What a wonderful Christmas to be on a warm sunny beach with your loved one.  Today is Christmas in Australia and we are staying in a camper van (Backpacker) in Emerald Beach Holiday Park, NSW, Australia.

We are in a little piece of heaven today.  Only a few meters to the beach, pool with lots of happy kids, kangaroos jumping through the camp ground, and warm water to surf in.  I am ecstatic!

I have been rereading my traveling book, Saltwater Buddha, and just been relaxing.  Unfortunately, Sebastien has come down with a little sore throat.  Though he just took the board to see if he can’t change his health out in the water.

The only thing I would change is that it would be nice to have my family and friends here with us!  We tried to skype today but it really didn’t work out.  The video wasn’t working to show them and we had a big delay in conversation.

It is in these locations during these special times that I remember my favorite Christmas’s.  My papou (grandfather) use to take the whole family (9 of us) on a cruise for Christmas.  Papou had the right idea.  There was nothing better than being with your family in a warm tropical place during this special occassion.  No present or presents could replace those memories and with the holiday reminds me of those magical times and my Papou.  May he be in a new warm and happy place remembering us during the holidays.  Love you Papou, family, and friends.



2 Comments on “Christmas in New South Whales, Australia

  1. Read your post on this Christmas morning 2009 and I began to cry thinking of Papou and all of his generousity and love for “his girls…” May his love and generous spirit live on through all of us everyday throughout the New Year and always. May we be the parents that he was to us. He is definitely watching over us and loving us from above. Love you forever, dad and everyone! xoxo