Good Times in LA

Good Times in LA

We flew into Los Angeles on April 27th.  Sebastien was there long enough to buy an IPAD and then boarded another flight to France.  I wanted to spend some time with my girl Alison but will fly out, hopefully, May 10th to meet Sebastien in France.

Lucky for me I got to experience May Day at Joseph and Sarah’s house, a few doctor appointments with Alison’s baby’s doctor, and been helping her prepare for the arrival of Owen.


Alison is due any minute now!  She looks really good.


The girls!!!

2 Comments on “Good Times in LA

  1. No way! Alison doesn’t look like she’s expecting any time soon..she looks Great! BTW I think it’s going to be a boy. Please keep us updated. All the best.

  2. Yes, Alison looks great and she is having a boy. His name is Owen!!!