Month: April 2009

Dinners at Bejia

Dinners at Bejia Flor were convienent and the food was good.  The best part was that we didn’t have to walk very far or think to much.  We ended up spending three dinners at Bejia and by doing… Read More

The Long Walk

When we woke up the following day our plan was to rent a scooter to get around.  That way we could visit Anne, Kirk, and Cory and also go into town when we wanted.  We discussed that 20… Read More

Beija Flor

So after leaving our comfortable, cute, clean place in Playa Carmen we headed to our reserved Beija Flor Resort/Yoga place which I reserved months ago.  The day before today I started to wonder if Beija Flor was going… Read More

Yoga Pictures

So one of the things I wanted to do while we were visiting this beautiful paradise of a place was to take my yoga shots.  I have been working on my RYT hours through Yogawell for well over… Read More

Where Mal Pais meets Santa Teresa

After securing our place at Cabina Areanas Blancas we carried our luggage down the main street from TB to our new cuarto. Sebastien took the suitcase and used the backpack feature (which is convenient for short walks) and… Read More

Anything But Tranquilo

Our taxi ride to Mal Pais reminded me of my solo drive up to Monteverde.  But not half as bad.  The road had its dipps and was very narrow but we made it to the main drag.  We… Read More

Our Adventure to Mal Pais

We we got up pretty early to make sure that we had enough time to finish packing and poop before our transportation arrived.  After all that was settled I went to pay for our following nights dinners.  While… Read More

The Trip To Manuel Antonio

Sansa Flight To Quepos The flight from San Jose to Quepos (Manuel Antonio) was really short; just about 30 minutes. I think it was the first time I took such a small plane. The take off was a… Read More

First Night In San Jose

We landed in San Jose around 9pm last night and waited for our friends Ann and Kirk who were on a different flight. As usual, we were a little worried about the surfboard but they got here in… Read More

Waiting At The Airport – Thank God For Technology

We accomplished the first leg of our trip to Costa Rica and we are now in Houston, TX, waiting for our flight to San Jose. We have 3 hours to kill and I am already online. Yes, I’m… Read More