Dinners at Bejia

Dinners at Bejia Flor were convienent and the food was good.  The best part was that we didn’t have to walk very far or think to much.  We ended up spending three dinners at Bejia and by doing that we got to know the people there a little better.  (Kinda like Christmas on Royal Carribean Cruises– that is an inside joke among the Fraggos clan).  I’m going to let Sebastien talk about the people there but here are some pictures from those nights.

This picture was after dinner and sitting outside on our porch.  Sebastien was a little tipsy…  He is so cute when he gets tipsy.  It doesn’t take much but when it starts he starts becoming a social butterfly.

I think that this was our last night at Bejia.   Sebastien had cut his little toe that day so you can see his little puffin toe wrapped up in toilet paper.   Poor Puffin.