Australia, Here We Come… November 3rd


We finally scheduled our departure for the first leg of our year-long trip and we’ll be leaving from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Australia on November 3rd. We found some pretty inexpensive flights on Qantas for about $1,200 for both of us. We were looking into buying one-way tickets but turns out one-way tickets were more expensive than round-trip tickets.

It’s the first time we’ll fly Qantas and I’m really excited because it’s said to be a good airline. Plus, it’s a direct flight from LA to Brisbane so we won’t have to worry about running around to catch connecting flights. The flight is about 16 hours I think. It’s going to be awful so I’ll make sure to make a stop at the drug store before leaving in order to make this flight more enjoyable, if you know what I mean 😉

We wanted to go to New Zealand first but we heard from several sources that NZ can be cold at this time of the year. We don’t want cold. We want sun, beach, and surf. Maybe we’ll change our mind once we get to Australia.

Next step is figuring out where we’re going to stay. I want to be on the Gold Coast, right by Surfers Paradise. We’re looking into several options like renting an apartment or house sitting for other people. We’ll see how it goes…