Midwest- Here we come!

Tomorrow (August 5th, 2009) we  head to Chicago land area to visit my family.  We will be in Beecher, Il. (nowwhere’sville) for a few days and then heading up to Door County Wisc.with my mom, step dad, step brother, his wife and their adorable 1 year old daughter.  I am not sure what there is to do in Door county but I hear that it is beautiful!  After the Door County trip we will visit a few friends in Chicago before  drive up to Michigan (Wolf Lake) to visit with my dad for a week.  Three weeks of Midwest  family and fun!!!

2 Comments on “Midwest- Here we come!

  1. Have a nice trip, but don’t expect too much. You’re looking for three weeks of fun in the midwest. We got here in 1968, and I still haven’t seen three whole weeks. 😛

  2. Yes, heat and humidity is the combination found in a Midwest summer’s day. In a few days we head up to Door County…