Beija Flor

So after leaving our comfortable, cute, clean place in Playa Carmen we headed to our reserved Beija Flor Resort/Yoga place which I reserved months ago.  The day before today I started to wonder if Beija Flor was going to be near the beach.  Sebastien had also asked me about the location, which I just responded it’s close to here.  He knew right away that I had no idea.  I had been bragging about how “my” week was going to be so great.  I was beginning to hope that it was going to be “ok” at least.

I already know at this point that Sebastien is going to write a post about planning vs. nonplanning.  I am not completely sure what it is all about but I feel the need to tell the readers about my “planning” issues.  It is not so much the process of planning that I NEED to do.  It is more of just the process that I go through to expend the excited energy I have about going on a trip.  When I know I am going on a trip I get all this excited energy.  When I was younger, when my family use to go on cruises every Christmas, I used to pack a month before and then I would repack several times until we actually left.  Now, instead of expending my excited energy packing, I plan.

Back to Beija Flor, after packing and asking the owner of Cabinas Blancas to get us a cab, we were on our way to find our next hotel.  As we traveled farther and farther away from town Sebastien got quieter and quieter.  When we got to the hotel we checked in and learned that Anne, Kirk, and Cory had been there 5 minutes before looking for us.  They had left a message stating that they were going to surf in front of the restaurant across the way.  YEA!!!  Friends!  Another bonus was that the owner (which we find out later) said that he wasn’t sure if our room was ready so he would and see if there was an upgraded room available.  SWEET!

This is a picture of our bed.  The bedroom was really big and it had netting over it to keep the bugs out at night.

So we quickly unpacked our stuff and went down to see if we could find our friends.  Unfortunately, we didn’t and we noticed that the only surf break was this jagged rock reef that with a peaky break.  Again, Seb was pretty quite.  It definitely looked pretty sketchy.  Maybe that is why Anne, Kirk, and Cory were not there.

Seb and I wanted to go surfing so we ended up getting a cab and heading back to Playa Carmen (200 meters from our old, cheaper hotel).  As soon as the cab pulled up to the beach we saw that it was closed out and shitty.  So we do what we do best.  Walked.  It is how we spent our first hours together so we enjoy every step of it.  A few miles later we reach the beach near Beija Flor.  At this point I am feening for waves and so I head out to the rocky unknown and catch a few.

Later that evening I take a yoga class which I enjoyed.  There were several children and families practicing.  There is something very different about doing yoga in an open air, bamboo made, space in nature.  Following class I walked back to find that Anne, Kirk, and Cory were sitting talking to Sebastien.  That evening we all went out for a nice dinner.  It has been nice to go out to dinner every evening.  Though, and I can’t believe that I am saying this, I miss cooking.  When they dropped us off that evening we made plans to meet up with them at their place the next day.