Our Adventure to Mal Pais

We we got up pretty early to make sure that we had enough time to finish packing and poop before our transportation arrived.  After all that was settled I went to pay for our following nights dinners.  While we where asking our Piscis man how much we owed a van showed up with a man wearing a Cubs shirt.  I knew right away that this was our guy.  I (Tina) got so excited that I gave the man a high 5 and my fears about the next leg of our trip ceased and my excitement resumed.  It took about 10 minutes to load up and head down south to Jaco.

Our driver didn’t speak much but when we got into the town of Playa Hermosa he light up and started telling us (in Spanish) how beautiful this beach was and how it was different from Manuel Antonio and Jaco and how there was a restaurant that light up the beach at night so that we could surf.  I didn’t understand that part but that is what Sebastien understood and translated for me.  Once we got into Jaco (which is exactly as I remembered populated, dirty, and American/Commercialized they even have a KFC) we picked up a few other passengers (two girls from Norway) and headed down to the boat site.

The pick up site was right on the beach which was basically a bay where tons of people hang out at with all their children and relatives.  Our Cubs guy told us that the boats will be coming soon and we will need to wait on the beach for them.  The pictures on the web of the boat appeared like a passenger vehicles but in reality they were just small fishing/speed boats that could hold about 8-10 people.

When I saw these little boats I was nervous about Sebastien getting sea sick and just hoped for the best.  When we finally got our paperwork settled and luggage put into plastic bags we got to “aboard” and made our way to Montezuma.

I was so excited to be taking a boat and the whole trip reminded me of my dad.  I totally though that he would love to taxing people from one place to another in a boat.  I don’t know why but I really thought he would like it.  The first 10 minutes we sat in about 20 feet of water waiting for the other boat to drop off people. Sebastien seemed fine but commented that he hope that we didn’t sit like this forever.  Then he would go into his little song, “Cows the size of schnauzers but they are cattle.)  Which is from a Jack in the Box commercial.  He has been saying it the whole time and has just gone into song again.

Finally we are off to sea and I can see where we are going so I think that it should take to long.  But then 25 minutes later I look behind us and where we came from still looks closer than where we were headed.  Sebastien seemed to feeling fine, which was a relief, so we both sat back and enjoyed the ride.  There were a few times that the boat driver slowed the boat and would troll for a second to point out a……… a………… sea turtle… we saw a few of these and one of them had a bird standing on it.  It was pretty cool.  I would have taken pictures but my camera was in one of the plastic bags. The other thing that the driver pointed out where a school of dolphins.  They seemed smaller than our San Diego friends.

When we landed in Montezuma we had to get off quick because the tide  was breaking right on the shore and the boat would have flipped.  One of the Norway ladies didn’t pay attention and nearly got herself killed.

The first thing that did on land was eat.  We hadn’t had anything all day and it was about 1 pm.  After that cheaper meal we hailed a taxi and headed to Mal Pais.