Where Mal Pais meets Santa Teresa

After securing our place at Cabina Areanas Blancas we carried our luggage down the main street from TB to our new cuarto. Sebastien took the suitcase and used the backpack feature (which is convenient for short walks) and we took the boardbag and put it on our heads and walked down the street. It really wasn’t that bad but towards the end I just wanted it to be done. As soon as we got settled we went out, finally, for a surf.

The waves were big and fast. It was a struggle to get out there and I feel a few times trying to stabilize myself after I had caught a wave. There were also a few really big sets that scared us both. Seb went in first and I was out there waiting for the “perfect” on to take in. Two ticos started talking to me in Spanish which makes me nervous. The one guy thought I was a tica and was explaining to me why he thought that when I see a huge wave lining up right behind him. I pointed it out and figured that this was my chance to go in. I turned to go for the wave when this Tico cuts in front of me and snaked me out of the wave. But I was already to far inside to paddle out for the next one so I did my usual and ditched the board and swam underneath the next wave. When I didn’t feel my board drag I started to freak out. The little black tie thing unknotted and my board was heading in without me. The tico asked if I was ok which just pissed me off because I would have been if he wouldn’t have stolen that last wave. So for the next 5 minutes I swam feverishly towards the shore hoping that my board didn’t hurt anyone on shore nor get busted. When I got on shore I asked a few people in the water if they had seen it and one guy had thought he did. I looked for Seb and thought that I saw him with a board but when I ran up to him I realized that it wasn’t him. I panicked a little at this point. Seb ended up finding it in the hands of some old guy who had made some remark about being glad that I was alive. I was fine and so was my board. Thank Jesus!

After that craziness we returned to our rooms and rested for a while. After gathering our composer we headed back to la playa to rest and enjoy our vacation. We looked for a spot that was partly shaded. There were a lot of people in the area where we sat. After a few minutes of settling in we were asked by a tico if we wanted a beer. “Cool” responded Sebastien. This guy in his early 50’s sat down and offered both of us a beer and started taking to us. At first this was all very cool and Sebastien kept saying, “wow this is really nice.” More so because, like I said earlier, we hadn’t been able to get alcohol because of Semana Santa. So we kindly accepted and tried our best to communicate to Christian. Even without knowing what he was saying it was pretty obvious that he was drunk. Not only was he drunk he was also very drawn to me and even when I was trying to read I could feel him look at me and want to tell me something. I engaged him for a while and then would go back to my reading. At one time his friends came and when he was introducing them to us one of his friends gestured that he was loco. Great. Now I know why he is being drawn to me. Christian then pulled out a bottle of whiskey and kinda forced Sebastien to take a shot. And then he pulled out the Vodka. NO way was I doing any of this! Christian then came and sat next to me. He started talking closer and closer to me and I swear he was asking me if I thought he was ok. I asked him, “Estas bien?” Which he looked at me strangly. I looked back at him strangely and then he touched the scar on my stomach. Sebastien sat up and gestured to him not to do that anymore but he did and we got out of there. It was pretty sketchy. when his friends where there I also think that they were explaining to me that he had Electric Shock Treatments. I will never tell others that I am a Therapist again!

We ended up surfing again that evening. We had a much better session. There were a few girls out in the water and its wasn’t as closed or fast. For dinner we ended up eating at this open grilled place which served me a fish with its head and skin still in tacked. This time Seb liked his meal while I was not happy about mine.

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