Month: February 2010

Scuba Diving for Whale Sharks on Ko Tao

After my last post, Scuba Certification on Ko Tao, Sebastien returned to brag about diving with a 5 meter (17 foot) whale shark.  These are the kinda dives you see on discovery channel.  I knew I should have… Read More

Scuba Certification on Ko Tao

I last posted when we were still in Ko Lanta.  We flew from Krabi (the main land near Ko Lanta) to Ko Samui which has a small but beautiful airport.  Our first night on Samui we stayed at… Read More

Island living on Ko Lanta

If you need us we will be on Ko Lanta enjoying life.

Snorkeling, Yoga, and Rock Climbing on Phi Phi

For the past5 days we have been on Ko Phi Phi.  The second day we were here we took a snorkeling sunset tour.  We also visited Ma Ya Bay which is where most of the movie, “The Beach”… Read More

Sunset From Our Boat Anchored in Maya Bay

We spen the afternoon snorkling and kayaking around Phi Phi Le, the island where most of the movie The Beach was filmed. Feels like paradise…

Krabi is a state of mind

Sebastien and I checked out Rai Lei and Ton Sai Beach today.  Ton Sai is known to rock climbers due to the amazing terrain and beautiful settings. We took a long tail boat from Ao Nang to Rei… Read More

Poo Poo to Phuket

Sebastien and I flew from Bangkok to Phuket on February 8th.  I didn’t have a good feeling going to Phuket but Sebastien had heard from a few other people that it was beautiful so we went. When we… Read More

Amphawa floating market

We decided to stay in Bangkok for a few extra days because my new local friend, Pom, had invited us to go to Amphawa with her and a few other American girls. I was ecstatic ! Sebastien decided… Read More

Tips for traveling in Bangkok

There are maps available everywhere in Bangkok.  Here are some tips we have picked out during our stay here. Don’t trust the people standing around the tourist attractions that tell you it is closed.  They try to take… Read More

To our readers

We would love to know who is reading our posts.  My mom, the lovely Penelope, just informed me that there were many family members following us.  Please leave comments on the page and we will respond to you!… Read More