Krabi is a state of mind

Sebastien and I checked out Rai Lei and Ton Sai Beach today.  Ton Sai is known to rock climbers due to the amazing terrain and beautiful settings.

We took a long tail boat from Ao Nang to Rei Lei for $6.  The long tail boats are long wooden canoe boats with have a long motor on the end.

We are staying a couple of nights on Ao Nang Beach and then thought we would stay a few nights on Ton Sai.  We had heard Ton Sai was a cheaper beach area and very chill.  However, we had seen a place on Phi Phi which was ideal.  The places we found on Ton Sai and Rai Lei were a let down for the price.  About 70$ a night for a new bungalow a few meters from the beach that did not have Internet or electricity for a few hours a day.

Krabi beaches are full of laid back locals and rock solid bodies.  It is a place to get lost in and relax for days.  Sebastien has said that it is the most beautiful place he has ever been to.  When you look out towards the ocean you see scattered islands and the water is a beautiful light turquoise.

After deciding that we would just go back to Phi Phi island the next day we hung out and watched the climbers scale up cliffs.  I went snorkeling but was quickly stung by several jelly fish.

When we retruned to Ao Nang beach we got our usual massages and had dinner.  Tomorrow we will head back to Phi Phi island.



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