Poo Poo to Phuket

Sebastien and I flew from Bangkok to Phuket on February 8th.  I didn’t have a good feeling going to Phuket but Sebastien had heard from a few other people that it was beautiful so we went.

When we landed we had to take an hour long cab ride to Patong beach (the most populated tourist area on Phuket).  Phuket is very developed and Patong beach was not impressive.  I didn’t even take pictures of this place.  Sorry.

We stayed that night and the next and then took a boat over to Krabi with a stop on Phi Phi island.  I’ll post about that next.

However, I did get a haircut in Patong beach.  The hair cut was just as good as a $40 one at home but for $12.  Seb also got a man purse.  He loves it because now he can wear his fisherman pants and still carry his iphone.  He is starting to look like a real hippie.