Tips for traveling in Bangkok

There are maps available everywhere in Bangkok.  Here are some tips we have picked out during our stay here.

  • Don’t trust the people standing around the tourist attractions that tell you it is closed.  They try to take you to another place for cheap but then scam you.  We were approached several times but knew the deal.
  • Use the meters in the Taxi’s.  Pom told us about this one!  It is cheaper than making a deal with the drivers.
  • Saying “hello” -  woman say – “Sawadee Kha” and men say – “Sawadee Krap”.
  • Saying “thank you” – woman say- “Kob Khun Ka” and men say- “Kob Khun Krubc”
  • Lady boy’s look very much like beautiful woman.
  • The market people seem to have the same prices for things.  Go to a few (they all have the same stuff) and find out their lowest price.
  • Pronounciation of  Singha beer- Sing

5 Comments on “Tips for traveling in Bangkok

  1. To add to taxis, even if your getting an official taxi from the airport, agree the same fare that’s on the ticket with the driver before getting in. One tried to charge me over double until I pretended to phone the number in the cab. But also try not to get into the mindset that everyone is out to rip you off. They’re not. Just use your noggin.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kev.

    I thought our cab driver from the airport tried to overcharge us to until I realized that he was in his full right to charge us extra for airport pickup + toll roads.

  3. Cheers Sebastien

    That’s right. But even baring in mind the tolls my chap really tried it on. He was from the official airport taxi rank where they charge a set rate. He tried to charge almost 3x the set rate! And he’d covered his photo and details. A tell tale sign! Enjoy the rest of your travels…..

  4. If you see lots of people wearing yellow shirts it does not mean that the tourist sites are closed to tourists and only open to Thai people. I heard this so many times, that I bought a yellow shirt that they wear to fit in…ha ha ha.

  5. Reina- we heard that as well. Though in Thailand the new color is red. Ha ha.