Scuba Diving for Whale Sharks on Ko Tao

After my last post, Scuba Certification on Ko Tao, Sebastien returned to brag about diving with a 5 meter (17 foot) whale shark.  These are the kinda dives you see on discovery channel.  I knew I should have gone with him!!!

That evening we scheduled to go out on a dive for the following day so that I may have a chance to see one for myself.  It was also our first certified dive together!  Long story short we did not see  a whale shark but we had two really good dives.

Again we went out with the Sairee Cottage Dive “team”.  Our first dive was at Mango Bay in which we saw some trigger fish, yellow tail barracuda, and french angel fish.  On the second dive we were dropped off at Green rocks and dove to Twin peaks.  Very cool dive and unique (that’s what our dive masters told us).  We saw a HUGE puffer fish, schools of barracuda, banner fish, blue rig, angel fish, and needle fish.

ko tao 072

ko tao 049

A beautiful view near our hotel.

ko tao 068

Loving Ko Tao!!!

2 Comments on “Scuba Diving for Whale Sharks on Ko Tao

  1. You always look sooo happy! I hope it lasts a lifetime! xxoxoxxo

  2. Well I have been on vacation for four months now. What’s not to smile about!!!