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Flying tips from the Puffins

Yesterday, we left from LAX and landed in Paris 10 hours later.  We have done this many times, but as the children developmentally change, each flight has taken on a different energy.  This trip Chloé is 4 and… Read More

Timeline to the big move

It has been decided, the puffins are moving to France.  Today is May 1, 2016 and our expected move date is sometime in September 2017.  Here is the short list of things we need to figure out before… Read More

France family and friends

We spent a wonderful month together eating, drinking, and spending time with family and friends.  Sebastien’s village, Liffol-le-Grand and Neufchateau were quaint and relaxing.  I was able to experience true french culture from how they celebrate baptisms to… Read More

An Arena and Fortress with an old friend

After spending some time with Sebastien in Paris I took the TGV to Nimes and met my oldest and dearest friend Karina.    We stayed at a Kryiad hotel which was close to the train station and arena…. Read More

Puffins do Paris

Bonjour!  After my stay in LA, Sebastien and I met in Paris.  His cousin, Jeremy, lives there and was an excellent tour guide through Paris.  We saw the Eiffel Tower during the day and all lit up at… Read More