An Arena and Fortress with an old friend

An Arena and Fortress with an old friend

After spending some time with Sebastien in Paris I took the TGV to Nimes and met my oldest and dearest friend Karina.    We stayed at a Kryiad hotel which was close to the train station and arena.

We spent a lovely time eating and catching up that evening.  The following day we walked around the historical Roman arena.  They still hold bull fights in the arena today.  There is also an audio guided tour that you can do.  It was interesting and gave you the feel of what it was like back in the day.  There had been a bull fight there the previous day and there was still blood in the sand from the fight.  Sad.

After touring the arena we took a train to Carcassonne which is a fortified French town.  We stayed in this adorable bed and breakfast called Les Florintines Chambers.  We had the top room in this hotel and it had two amazing balcony’s and the views were spectacular.  Perfect location to the fortress and town.




Our hotel room in Carcassone.  Very romantic.


Wine tasting!!


One day it rained and we just sat here drinking and eating all day.  Totally French style.



Amazing views!  Amazing food!  Amazing friend!  Love ya Karina!!!