France family and friends

France family and friends

We spent a wonderful month together eating, drinking, and spending time with family and friends.  Sebastien’s village, Liffol-le-Grand and Neufchateau were quaint and relaxing.  I was able to experience true french culture from how they celebrate baptisms to a Thursday evening get together with friends. Mostly we eat a lot of different meat and cheese and drank bottles and bottles of wine.

My new Nikon coolpix camera captured the memories.  Hope you can tell the difference.


Down in grandpa’s cellar.  Grandpa has hundreds of different wines in this cellar.  The oldest one dating back to 1959.


Sebastien and his beautiful mother.


Playing some Rummikub with grandma.  A universal game for card players all over the world.    


Seb’s dad beat him several times without even trying…


The beautiful perfume flower fields of France!


Early in the evening with friends Ingrid and Danto.  That evening ended for the French around 5 am with the American in bed around 12am.