Month: March 2010

Elephant Crossing hotel review in Vang Vieng

I don’t usually write about the places we stay but I was determined to do so about the  Elephant Crossing Hotel.  This was a hotel that Sebastien had found on line which looked nice.  Before arriving in Vang… Read More

Life in Vang Vieng Laos

Anyone traveling through Southeast Asia will undoubtedly hear about Vang Vieng. The stories start off with a lot of enthusiasm and end with loud laughs.  The most common after thought is, “you got to go tubing in Vang… Read More

Wats Enchanting of Siem Reap

We have been in Siem Reap for over a week.  We have spent three days visiting the temples (wats) and two days visiting a village called Treak and the rainbow orphanage.   We also attended a few meditation… Read More

The Lao Down

It has been one day since landing in Laung Prabang and I appreciate this town already.  It’s old, mystical, green, mountainous, dirty (with age), yummy, beautiful, and historic.  There are so many beautiful things to  do and buy… Read More

Lasting memories from Phnom Penh

It is hard to put into words our experience in Phnom Penh.  We were there for only two days but moved by its history.  In those two days we visited S-21, the killing fields, shot guns, and practiced… Read More

A Spiritual Moment on Ko Samui

Sebastien and I returned to Ko Samui on February 28th.  I wanted to see two things before we left for Cambodia on March 1st.  The Big Buddha and the Mummufied Monk. Once we settled in to our hotel… Read More