A Spiritual Moment on Ko Samui

Sebastien and I returned to Ko Samui on February 28th.  I wanted to see two things before we left for Cambodia on March 1st.  The Big Buddha and the Mummufied Monk.

Once we settled in to our hotel (different night differnet bed) we got some lunch and hired a taxi for a day to take us to both sites.  It cost us 1,100 baht ($35) for about a 3 hour tour.

Our first stop was to see the Big Buddha.  I am not sure that I have words for our experience there.  The highlight was being blessed by a monk who gave us bracelets to wear.  Being in the presence of this being nearly brought tears and profound joy to both Sebastien and I.

The second stop was to see the mummified monk.  I had read that this monk actually died in meditation and so his body was preserved in the sitting position.  This is not the case.  At the age of 50 the man became a monk and created his own meditative practice.  He did not die in a sitting position but because he dedicated himself fully to a meditative lifestyle (after the age of 50) his fellow monks decided to honor him after death and put him into this position.  Though the tourist pamphlets will tell you that he died in this position.

ko tao 089

The monk who blessed us.

ko tao 092

Big Buddha

ko tao 099

Mummified Monk

ko tao 102

Our blessed bracellets.

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  1. Wow, awesome photos and blog post! I’ll bet that was amazing.