The Lao Down

It has been one day since landing in Laung Prabang and I appreciate this town already.  It’s old, mystical, green, mountainous, dirty (with age), yummy, beautiful, and historic.  There are so many beautiful things to  do and buy here.  However, my ATM doesn’t seem to work at any of the machines.  Which is a problem.

Today, Sebastien wanted to take it easy so I went off and explored by myself.  I walked up the big hill where there are a plethora of gold Buddha statues and a cave which encloses, what the Lao’s believe, is the buddha’s foot step.

Around ever corner there are young monks dressed in their traditional orange robes.  I even watched them playing in the river.  If anyone read Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert, she talks about living in Laung Prabang and obsessing over the young monks.  I imagined I was in the same places she was in today.  Last night I swear I saw a young monk buying cigarettes from a convenient store.

Here are some pictures of our day.