2 Cities, 4 Doctors, 3 Different Diagnosis

Since being in Vietnam Sebastien has had some funky thing growing on his hands and feet.  They look like bumps filled with yellow puss.  Really gross!


After a week in Hoi An we became increasingly concerned.  Each day there seemed to be more clusters of bumps and all the local people told us to go see their Dr.   So in between fittings we went to the local hospital, Pacific Care.

We asked to see a dermatologist and within 20 minutes saw a Dr.   The Dr. spoke little English and giggled at us but diagnosed it as dermatitis, which is basically a skin rash due to an allergic reaction to your environment.  He prescribed some lotion and some pills and said that we should see improvements within a day.   Visit- $30  Medication- $4.

The next day the symptoms appeared worse so we had our hotel (who were helpful) call a Dr. to come to the hotel.  He spoke fluent French which was an improvement in communicating our concerns and asking questions.

The Dr. did a thorough job and asked many questions.  His final verdict was that Sebastien had scabies.  Knowing what scabies is I wondered why I hadn’t had any symptoms but the Dr. said that it was because I must have a strong immune system.

The Dr. pescribed a different lotion and pills which we had to go to the local pharmacy to get.

The pharmacy was difficult to find because it was basically a families shop/house.  We sat there and played with the children while the ladies ran somewhere to get the medication.  Then she put the lotion on Sebastien.  Initially she told us the cost was 700,000 dong but then told us 300,000.  I wonder what it would have been if we were a local.  Visit- $30  Medication- $15.

After researching more about scabies it was clear that it was not it.  For one, I did not have any symptoms and two it was not itchy.  The two main symptoms of scabies.

We had already planned to leave Hoi An the next day and flew to HCMC/Siagon.  Sebastien researched more about hospitals and dr’s and we decided to go to another dermatologist.  This was a quick visit with the out come like the first Dr. visit.  The Dr. barely looked at the hands and didn’t ask any questions.  dermaitis.  Different medication and pills.  Visit – $4  Medication- $7 .

This is a picture of the pharmacy at the hospital in HCMC.


We immediately left that hospital and took a cab to the “best” hospital in the region.  The French Vietnamese Hospital.  As soon as we walked in we felt at ease.  It was modern, had walls, and provided you with your own medical card.

Again we were seen with in 10 minutes by a specialist who was fluent in French.  She was professional and asked many questions.  She said that it wasn’t any of the previous diagnoses, especially scabies.  She diagnoised it as dyshidrosis.

She provided us with a shampoo, medication, and some lotion but basically said that this was due to stress in the environment and to eat healthy and no alcohol.  Easy enough!  Total- $65.

Total amount spent- about $175

3 Comments on “2 Cities, 4 Doctors, 3 Different Diagnosis

  1. Wow! That is gross … Hope your lady friend and you are having a great time. She is beautiful.

  2. Nancy- thank you very much. I am a lucky lady to have such a fan base from Seb. His hands are better today. The french had the cure.

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