A change in plans

For those of you who don’t know, we have had a small change in plans.  Sebastien’s rash and bumps came back after we left Vietnam.  We had gone back to Thailand and initially things got better.  However, after going from Chiang Mai (north) back to the islands (south) the rash and bumps returned.  Now we decided it was best to change our flights around so that Sebastien could be seen by a doctor.

Within two days of deciding to head home, we were on a plan back to the states.  Sebastien stopped in LA long enough to buy an IPAD and then continued on to France.  I stayed in LA to visit with Alison and Aaron.  Sebastien was seen by a doctor the day he landed and was told the same thing that the doctor in Saigon said.   Which is good news and a relief that it wasn’t something more serious.

It is somewhat surreal to be back.  I feel like our trip ended so abruptly that I didn’t really have time to say “good-bye”.  However, we were both ready to be home.

On May 10th I will be flying to France and then on the 12th heading to Greece to meet my friend Karina.  I will return to France on the 18th and spend the rest of my time meeting Sebastien’s family.  We will then return to the states on June 10th.

Now that I have sometime and consistent internet I will fill you in on the rest of our adventures.  Stay tuned.