The Best Place to Stay in Byron Bay

In her last blog post, Tina briefly mentioned that we stayed at First Sun in Byron Bay. I thought this place needed to be highlighted because it is truly a nice and inexpensive place.

Before finding out about First Sun, Tina and I walked all around town in search of a cheap and clean place to stay. As usual, the “backpackers” (hostels) were the cheapest, but in all honesty, I hate those places because they are usually dirty and noisy and offer very little privacy.

We stopped by and inquired about prices at about 10 different places. Prices ranged from $76/night for a hostel to over $300/night in a dirty-ass motel on the beach. What a rip off!

We had 2 places on our shortlist: a $120/night cabin that included everything (TV, microwave, air conditionning, private bathroom, etc…), and a backpacker at about $80/night. Secretly, the $120/night cabin was my preferred choice, even though it was a little outcentered.

On our walk back to town, we still hadn’t decided on a place to stay at. That’s when we walked in front of First Sun, a campground that offered lodges and cabins pretty much on the beach. Tina said that we shouldn’t bother asking about prices because this place looked too nice and the location was just perfect, literally 100 yards from downtown Byron Bay, with a view on Main Beach and the Wreck.

I told Tina that “you never know”, and that we could get lucky. So we walked in and asked about those private little lodges. She told us the price was $85/night. That was completely in our budget. The young woman at the front desk was very friendly and told us to walk around and check out the place for ourselves.

first sun

So we took a short walk on the property and we really liked the place right away. It was very clean and quiet. The little lodges didn’t include much: a bed, a TV, and a fridge. We would have to share the bathroom and kitchen corner with other people renting the lodges, but for that price, we could make the sacrifice.

We went back to the reception and booked a room for 4 nights. To my surprise, they even offered 2 hours of free internet every day. She needn’t say more to have me hooked on this place 😉

We stayed at First Sun for 4 nights then we briefly went to Mullumbimby (the Mullum as I call it) for 2 nights and we went back to First Sun for 2 more nights.

At $85/night, you certainly won’t find a better deal in Byron Bay. First Sun also rents out cabins with your own bathroom and full kitchen for $160/night I think, not a bad deal if you go there with another couple.

They also seemed to be building small lodges like the one we had but with a private bathroom. I don’t know how much there are going to go for but I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $20/night for having the luxury of my own toilet.