Byron Bay and Beyond

After Clare’s house we were dropped off at First Sun which is a camp/cabin/lodge area right on the beach in Byron Bay. We had booked 4 nights and were hoping for beautiful weather and surf. Unfortunately, none of the five days we spent in our little lodge on the beach included good waves. However, we kept busy!

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On Saturday, we walked 5 miles up to the lighthouse which is the most easterly point of Australia. We walked up a zillion stairs and through steep inclines. Close to the top there was this glider ramp right off the cliff. There we meet Pete, a professional glider who just happen to be up near the lighthouse passed us a flyer for gliding.

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For a treat we had a delicious ice cream at the lighthouse and then walked down the other side of the mountain and stopped a Wategos beach, which is a beautiful beach that would have amazing surf if there was any sort of swell.

After our walk we made some food on our barbie. Australians do a few things very well. They have really nice parks for children everywhere which include these barbie’s which are basically big hot plates. We cooked up some potatoes and veggies and Sebastien had some chicken. We also went and got a few tallies from the liquor store. Yes. Tallies. Mainly because they were cheap. A six pack of beer cost between $16-24. Crazy. I think we will stick to wine which you can find for about $14.

The next day we didn’t do much but walk around Byron Bay and relaxed. Our butts were sore from the previous days hike. We did secure another helpx spot which started on November 17th. Sebastien’s birthday. We were a little skeptical because it looked a little rustic. We just figured we would test our tolerance.

On November 16th, we contacted Pete to go hang gliding. It was going to be Sebastien’s birthday present. Pete picked us up and we headed to Lennox glider port. Sebastien looked so cute in his little wasp outfit. He went up for about 20 minutes and got some great pictures.

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Picture 038

Happy Birthday Seba!