Door County, WI

Since we came to visit my family during my mom and step dad’s vacation time they ended up taking us on their Door County, WI vacation.  George, my wonderful step dad, loves the place!  We all stayed at the Egg Harbor Lodge which had an amazing view of Lake Michigan and really comfortable beds.  George and my mom treated us to breakfasts, lunches, and dinners which were delicious.  My step brother and his wife drove up for the weekend with their one year old adorable daughter, Abby.


On one of the days we attended a local specialty call a fish broil. Basically you throw fish into a huge pot of boiling water and boil them for 10 minutes. Then the guy throws oil onto the fire and it broils over. Sebastien said that the fish was delicious but it was to bony for me.


The highlight of the trip was when George rented a boat from Sister Bay. Oh what an adventure the puffins had that day! George didn’t feel very comfortable driving the boat, since he had never done so, in which case it was left up to Sebastien and I to operate the water vessel. Honestly the whole thing made me nervous because; 1. we had a baby on board, 2. the water was very choppy, 3. Sebastien had never driven a boat before, and 4. George wanted to show off and anchor near other boats….

For the most part it was a lot of fun and very entertaining. The funniest was watching George and Nick tube. They managed to stay on even though the water was really choppy. Good job boys!!!

A scary moment on the boat, which we laugh about now, is when George wanted to anchor for lunch and I decided to go where there were less boats. Unfortunately, the anchor didn’t seem to ground well and with the windy conditions causing us to drift into the shallow and rocky shore line. Luckily, Sebastien was smart enough to lift the motor out of the water as we struggled to get the motor started.  Sebastien and I seemed to be the only ones stressed about the whole thing.  In the end we managed to escape near death with only a few scratches (which were to the motor). All in all, I think Abby had the best time. She smiled and laughed the most!

It was a wonderful vacation and very nice to spend time with my family.   We defiantly appreciate the time we got to spend with everyone and all the love!