The Night Before

It is the night before our trip and we are all packed and ready to go.  We bought a DAKINE surfboard that we packed with towels, a yoga matt, and our bathing suites and board shorts.  Then we have a 2 1/2 by 1 foot suite case that carries the rest.  That is it.  I’ll post pictures soon.  We are still not sure where we will be going the first week but that will be part of the adventure.  Pavones sounds good but it takes another plane and a taxi to get there.  Manuel Antonio is also an option as going straight to Mal Pais area.

Seb is pretty drunk right now.  He drank a lot of wine during dinner and then came out with me to visit with some south siders and he continued to drink.  We went to Winston’s in OB for some OB KERIOKE and he put his name in to sing some Sublime song but we ended up coming home before he sang.  Now he is worried about having a headache tomorrow. With that being said, its time for bed. I just hope that Skip pulls through and picks us up on time tomorrow. Adios!