April Fools

Sebastien almost lost his life yesterday.  Sebastien’s friend, Arnaud, is visiting from France and they went to Vegas Monday.  Sebastien leaves me a few text messages about getting a tattoo.  Finally at 4 am I start to wonder if he is serious and call him.  Of course they are still up and Sebastien tells me that he got my name tattooed on his arm.  He tells me that it took an hour and at first he didn’t find one that he liked but the artist created a really cool one and that was really “bad ass”.  He went on to say that it hurt for a while but then it was ok.  In his drunken state he goes on to say that he coulnd’t go surf for a month and at least for two weeks.  This is when my heart and stomach dropped.  As he is telling me he begins to realize that we would be leaving for Costa Rica (our planned surf trip) in less than a week.  He quickly tells himself that he won’t think about it and that it will be ok and not to worry.  We end the conversation, since it is 4 am, I stay up the rest of the night worrying and PISSED.  How could he have done such a stupid thing.  The whole day I go around telling people what Sebastien did and how disappointed and pissed I am because he wouldn’t be able to surf.  I spent a good portion of the day looking for ideas of what to put on the tattoo so that he could surf.  Mostly I spent the day plotting to hurt him.  I figured out surf trip was now ruined!

When he gets home I can barely look at him.  His eyes are blood shot and he smelled of smoke.  When he comes to give me a kiss I let him have it!  Then he asks me what day tomorrow was.  I respond, “I don’t care!  That doesn’t matter!”  He begins to lead me down the road of realizing that it was APRIL FOOLS DAY.  Jerk!  Sebastien almost lost his life!  It took a few hours of surfing and a good talk with my sister, Meredith, before I could laugh.

3 Comments on “April Fools

  1. Unbelievable!! Believe it though. I mean what did he get TINA/PUFFIN??? Was it in block letters? Tina and I were just baffled. Thanks Sebby it was definitely one of the best April fools jokes ever!

    Love you guys. Have fun in Costa Rica.

  2. Sebastien, great work my friend!!!!! I was planning on doing something myself but i knew I couldn’t top that. I have to say I even believed myself!!!!! I hope you guys have a great time!!!! Let me know if you pick up any pointers for beginners so the next time we’re out there i don’t break my face, again!!!!! Have fun and keep us updated