The 12 Apostles On The Great Ocean Road

Today we departed from Melbourne and drove along the Great Ocean Road. I’m sure Tina will blog about it soon but I just wanted to write a quick post from my iPhone to try the new WordPress app. I know, I’m kind of a geek. Anyways.

So the Great Ocean Road is this strip of road along the ocean that goes for a couple hundred kilometers and it’s absolutely beautiful. The water is as blue as you would want the water to be. The road is very winy (spelling?) but I think it adds to the charm of the place.

We made a quick stop in the forrest and saw a bunch of koalas in the trees. It was our first encounter with koalas – we can check this off the list 😉

A little later we saw a wallaby. He was hanging out on the side of the road and at first we weren’t sure what it was so we turned around and stopped right next to him. He was just having a snack, eating fresh grass from the side of the road. He didn’t seem to mind us until I said “wow, it’s a kangaroo!” and bounced away. Tina pointed out it was a wallaby, which was later confirmed after talking with new friends. For info, wallabies are smaller and darker than the “basic” kangaroos.

We stopped at the 12 apostles, which I guess is the main touristy thing on the Great Ocean Road (see image below). That was pretty nice to see these big rocks stick up from the ocean. A bit trippy too.

It was getting late so we looked for a place to stay in Port Campbell. After talking to a man whom we couldn’t understand, we found this amazing place called Port Campbell Guesthouse. I thought it was a backpacker and I was a little skeptical but after checking the room for myself, I was really reassured that this place was really nice and inexpensive.

Tonight we had dinner at a shitty place in town. Worst burger ever! A labrador that was sitting next to us enjoyed it more than I did so I gave him all my burger and got something else to eat.

We then returned to the guesthouse where Mark (the owner), his girlfriend and a guest were having dinner. Mark invited us to join them and served us some wine. We talked about everything and nothing. It felt really good to socialize for a bit. It really felt like we were among friends and Tina and I really enjoyed that moment because we don’t get to experience this much these days.

After a couple bottles of wine, Mark left and we went to bed, which is where I am typing this from. Isn’t technology amazing?

We have new adventures ahead of us tomorrow…