Two Weeks!!!

Hello everyone!!!  Tina here and I am counting the days till we board the plane to San Jose, Costa Rica!!!  This will be Sebastien and my first vacation together!!!  So far we have a place reserved for the first night and then for 5 days in Mal Pais at Beija Flor Resort and four days in Playa Hermosa.  We will be attending the McVay wedding at Playa Hermosa on April 18th.   Here is where we will be staying for the wedding..  Yes… as Sebastien has noted earlier, I have been planning.


I will tell you that we got screwed with our flights.  It will be spring break the first week which caused the flights to go up… HOWEVER— many months ago I did see flights for more than half of what we ended up paying.  I won’t tell you why we didn’t get them then but I will say we should have…

Regardless of how much we paid for our flights I think that it will be one of the most memorable trips I have ever had…  Mostly because I am going with another puffin..  To say the least I am excited…  I have been to Costa Rica a couple of times but have yet to visit the Mal Pais area…  I would also like to see Arenal but that will depend on the surf…  Warm water here I come!!!  What I am really looking forward to is spending time with Sebastien and watching him organize the rest of our trip as we go…

One Comment on “Two Weeks!!!

  1. Oh brah, I was just looking at the websites for where you are staying. Styling! As I sit on the couch in OR with my severely busted foot, i am super jealous. I hope you guys are scoring unreal waves right now! Alohas!