Having Lunch in The Middle of Rice Fields

A friend of Tina’s recommended that we check out this warung (restaurant) called Bodag Maliah, hidden in the rice fields of Ubud.

Bodag Maliah only serves organic food and it’s pretty famous for its organic garden from which you can pick your own vegetables to be prepared for you.

We were warned that finding the place wouldn’t be easy. As usual, Tina didn’t give me all the information she had about this place so we drove around in vain for 10-15 minutes.

Then I asked her to show me the directions she was given and we finally got on the right track.

Getting there is pretty tricky. If you don’t know it’s here, you’ll most likely never find this place.

There is absolutely no way to get there by car. We rode our scooter in a one-foot wide footpath surrounded by rice fields and their irrigation systems. Needless to say that the smallest driving error would result in a fall.

We did good though. We got here in one piece. Best of all, I even have 3G coverage here and I’m actually writing this post from my iPhone 🙂